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A qualified lighting consultant will inspect your facility to note the following:

  • Type of facility, including location.
  • Ceiling and fixture height.
  • Number of luminaires—the type, wattage, length and temperature of each lamp.
  • Light levels presently produced.
  • Existing lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, timing sensors, etc.

The consultant will make notes citing recommendations for new lighting if it is found that current lighting and electricity costs can be improved by energy efficient solutions or the installation of new, additional controls.

Information Gathering

During our lighting assessment, we will ask for information to assist in designing new lighting solutions to your specific needs such as:

  • Business hours
  • Number of employees working in specific areas
  • Desires for specific custom options

are obtained, noted, and considered so that the new design properly conforms to the operations and expectations of the business owner.

Different types of LED A9 Bulbs
2×2 Panel Installation


2ft Linear High Bay
2ft Linear Low Bay

After all data is collected from the site, the lighting consultant will work with our expert designers to design the new lighting system and specify all products to be installed. At this time, lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, skylights, and more are discussed or included.

Each product recommended will be based upon the balance between best lighting output for the space, maximum energy savings, and maximum rebate qualification.

At APEX LED, we strive to find the proper balance between cost and benefit that our clients can afford rather than simply offer the ‘best’, one-size-fits-all expensive solution. We look for the ROI when considering recommending products.

Increase Light Output

Many businesses across the nation tends to produce inadequate lighting. The light output is insufficient for the tasks that are performed within the workplace. We design new lighting to fit the task of the area. In every installation done, our clients notice that the new, installed lighting is always brighter than before.


Ever increasing costs typically exceed increasing revenues, leaving business owners with less profit each year. There are few opportunities for permanent cost reduction that do not affect the quality of your product, service, or workload.

Installation of more energy-efficient lighting is one such opportunity. Reduction of electric costs directly increases profits, without incurring additional costs such as labor, cost of goods sold, or overhead.

Rebates and Incentives

Utility and State rebates depend on the specifics of the new lighting installed. We design each new system to maximize the rebates for each customer. Typically, the right solution to find the lowest net cost for clients is a combination of products and design that yields the highest Return of Investment (ROI). The total product shall cost less as rebates received is considered your investment, and the annual electric savings that the finished project yields is considered financial return. ROI is calculated as follows:

ROI = Annual electric savings / Net project cost

Due to high amounts of rebates available today—coupled with the opportunity to replace costly inefficient lighting with new, brighter solutions—we seek ROI’s typically from 20% to over 100% on most projects. Often, the ROI after lighting upgrades exceeds the ROI the business makes on their own services, and the investment of the client’s capital in a lighting upgrade can be as profitable as the business itself.


Rebate Processing

After we receive confirmation from our client to continue with installation, we file the necessary applications and specifications with the local utility company—insuring 100% compliance with their rebate program.

We are thoroughly experienced in dealing with PSEG Long Island, Consolidated Edison as well as NYSERDA which ensures our client will receive the greatest rebate possible for the work performed.


Once approval is received from the local utility company, our team shall contact the client to schedule the installation. Our installation team will review the installation process with you completely before starting the work.


In confidence of our installation, APEX LED extends a 5—year warranty on all of our LED products.

4′ Hybrid LED TUBE

Converts your existing fluorescent fixture to LED technology.

  • Replaces any T8 or T12 fluorescent lamp
  • No replacing or rewiring of lamp holders required
  • No replacement / removal of the newer T8 ballast or installation of LED driver required